Barbecue (also barbeque or BBQ) is a method for char grilling food in the hot smoke of a wood fire, usually charcoal fueled.

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BBQ is usually done outdoors by cooking and smoking the meat over wood or charcoal. Restaurant barbecue may be cooked in large brick or metal ovens.

Barbecuing encompasses four types of cooking techniques:

Smoking: cooking using smoke at lower temperatures (usually around 240–270 °F or 115–125 °C)

Baking: utilizing a masonry oven or any other type of baking oven, which uses convection to cook meats and starches with moderate temperatures for an average cooking time

Braising: combines direct dry heat charbroiling on a ribbed surface with a broth-filled pot for moist heat, cooking at various speeds throughout the duration (starting fast, slowing down, then speeding up again, lasting for a few hours)

Grilling: done over direct dry heat, usually over a hot fire (i.e., over 500 °F (260 °C)) for a short time (minutes). Grilling may be done over wood, charcoal, gas (natural gas or propane), or electricity.


Barbecue has numerous regional variations in many parts of the world.

American South:

1. North Carolina uses a vinegar-based sauce. See recipe here .

2. Memphis is known for its tomato AND vinegar-based sauces. Sometimes they use a dry rub before adding the sauce.

3. South Carolina is the only state that includes all four recognized barbecue sauces, including mustard-based, vinegar-based, and light and heavy tomato-based

4. Kansas City is characterized by its use of different types of meat (including pulled pork, pork ribs, burnt ends, smoked sausage, beef brisket, beef ribs, smoked/grilled chicken, smoked turkey, and sometimes fish).

5. Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee use a sweet tomato-based sauce.

American Midwest:

1. Chicago style involves seasoning the meat with a dry rub, searing it over a hot grill and a slow cooking it in an oven. The meat, typically ribs, are then finished with a sweet-tangy sauce

2. Texas style often uses beef and it can be associated with any type of sauce (depends on the person and the establishment). See recipe here .


1. Korean style BBQ literally means roasting meat.  Bulgogi is the most popular form.

2. Mongolian BBQ is a stir fried dish of meat and vegetables, which are cooked in a large round iron pot.

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